2021 - Voyage 3

2021 - Voyage 3

This time an around 10 km trip with a inflatable kayak up & down the Urdaibai estuary. The tidal range is a few meters here and the estuary pretty much dries out when the tide is out but when you set off a few hours before high water one could potentially let the currents assist you all the way to the ancient Basque Country capital Gernika.

Since it was my first time both using the kayak & navigating the estuary I set off quite late but still managed to get to the beginning of the canalised part leading to Gernika & passing it going further up the original Mundaka river to have a look at an ancient tidal mill.

Arquetas Anchorage with San Pedro de Atxarre Baseliza on top of the Mountain.

I believe they call this a Batella here.. Spotted at some beautiful old properties at the waterfront.

Beautiful rather steep wooded mountains / hills all around the estuary.

Some interesting flowers spotted while taking a break at the old brick factory.

Astilleros de Murueta where they build some sizable vessels in the past and it still appears to be a working yard although there's no vessel being build at the moment.

Egret fishing in the Marismo (swamp).

The Tidal Mill at Rio Oka which appears to have been turned into a house and no longer working /-: Since the tide turned I turned around here as well.

The landscape looking further inland on the way back heading into a stiffening sea breeze making it pretty hard work to get back in an inflatable kayak (-: