About 3Dshipmodels.com

About 3Dshipmodels.com

In less than a month it will be a year ago I sailed from my hometown Groningen, the Netherlands to Bizkaia, Euskal Herria. That little country in the North East of Spain most people never heard off. The pandemic was the perfect excuse to start work on making my backup 3D Ship Modeling career my main one and stop working other people's boats for a living.

After my arrival I soon found a safe berth to leave the boat & enjoy some pretty long lockdown periods landlubber style. However, this allowed for good time to research and think about where to go with the 3D Ship Models. I had a good look where we're at in 3D, especially with respect to ocean, waves & interaction visualisation. It was pretty disappointing as the apparent progress lies mainly in very complex software like Houdini by SideFX taking advantage of the massive computing power available today. Even on a pretty decent laptop with latest CPU, 16Gb RAM & 6 Gb GPU it still takes days to simulate a ship sailing a virtual ocean at the cost of a lot of power, heat & noise. Without cloud computing or your own render farm it's still not really possible to come up with those spectacular 3D animations we see in the movies. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) has also had my interest for decades as it can be used to generate wave / wake patterns for 3D visualisations. The same story applies here as for general 3D that the progress in this field depends on increasingly power hungry calculations. I did get into Blender though & can now render pretty nice ocean scenes on a modest laptop powered by solar panels.

On the general software side I tried to switch as much as possible to Open Source Portable applications. If it wasn't for lack of good 3D CAD & Modeling software on Linux I would have switched to an Open Source OS too but since my main applications in this field are not available in Linux flavours I am still stuck on Windows 10. Somewhere in the middle of winter I decided that building on my success selling 3D Ship Models online would be my best bet & especially so if I could cut out the 3rd Party web shops like Turbosquid which keep 40% of every sale. So I went with Digital Ocean self hosted server, installed Ghost CMS & got this website up and running. Still a bit in experimental stadium as it's pretty advanced with free & paid subscription & Social Media integration. Considering that Climate Change is now starting to force some significant changes in shipping my plan is to mainly capitalise on my huge ship drawings collection & instead of focusing on selling my already existing pre-dominantly fossil fuel powered 3D ship model content I want to try to come up with new 3Dmodels of more relevant wind powered vessels instead. Since I now have enough drawings to spend a hundred lifetimes 3D modeling ships it's probably better to start sharing them online.

Scanned Lines Plans

So I plan to publish 2D Plans, 3D Models & Marine Art on a daily basis. Some of it will be free, some for paid members & eventually premium models as online purchase with direct download.