About Models

About Models

After almost a year working on sorting my ship plans collection, improving my 3D model workflow & developing this website I have finally had time to test a new procedure for turning a scanned lines plan into fair and accurate hull shapes. I first started out doing this using SubDivision surfaces with Lightwave 3D & in recent years switched completely to CAD Nurbs tools to achieve this. Interesting to note that SubD tools are starting to appear in CAD software natively these days.

SubDivision Modeling

Already in the late nine-ties good results good be achieved combining SubD modeled surfaces with regular polygon surfaces and various 3D ship models I put together using these tools over 2 decades ago still sell online today.

Polygon 3D Ship Model of an 19th Century Well Smack

Using CAD Nurbs tools today with a new procedure for converting the scanned line drawings has greatly speeded up the process of producing an accurate & fair hull shape but the work to produce all the required detail remains pretty much the same.

The initial plans for this site with regards to providing 2 & 3D content will be initially focused on making available various collections of drawings, recent detailed 3D printable ship models & new hull shapes.